Soybean is a good source of vegetable protein, but because of its complex molecular structure and large molecular weight, the digestibility and bioavailability of soybean protein are low.
Hailongyuan soybean peptide is selected from non-GMO soybean and obtained by international advanced technology. Its average molecular weight is less than 1000 Da and it is rich in 18 kinds of amino acids necessary for human. The absorption rate of Hailongyuan soybean peptide is 20 times of that of ordinary protein and 3 times of that of amino acid, which is especially suitable for people with poor digestion and absorption of protein.

Compared with soybean protein, soybean peptide has advantages of no beany flavor, no precipitation under acidic condition, no solidification under heating, easy to dissolve in water and good fluidity. These good physical and chemical properties make it easier to process into various functional foods .

Soybean peptide is a new multifunctional nutritional ingredient.
It can be widely used in functional food, health food, sports food, fermented food, special medicine and medical food.