Shandong Hailongyuan Bio-tech Co., Ltd. has developed to the leading producer of small molecule marine biological products. Our products include chitosan oligosaccharide, antarctic krill oil, antarctic krill peptide, abalone peptide, fish collagen peptide, oyster peptide, sea cucumber peptide, tuna peptide, octopus peptide etc.. We also produce soybean peptide. We innovate the products according to the market demand, to meet the diversified nutrition and health requirement of different groups.

We aim to inspire people to live well and pay more and more attention to health. Also for breeding and farming, green health and ECO friendly are required. We want to deliver the high-tech, health green and efficacious products people deserve.

Health Industry

Hailongyuan health products have the characteristics of small molecules, pure natural, nutritional and health, etc. Hailongyuan realizes the efficient use of resources through technological innovation and transformation of results, and contributes to the healthy China 2030 strategy.

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Green Agriculture

Chitosan oligosaccharide agricultural grade (amino-oligosaccharin), as a new type of "plant vaccine", has the characteristics of broad-spectrum, high-efficiency, environment friendly, pollution-free, and residue-free, which injects blue and healthy kinetic energy into green ecological agriculture.

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Ecological Farming

Compared to antibiotics, Chitosan oligosaccharide has no residue and no drug resistance, It can strengthen animals’ immunity, improve growth performance and decrease FCR. It a good antibiotic substitute.

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Hailongyuan pay high attention to the research and development, now Hailongyuan has becomed the leading company who handle the core technology of Chitosan oligosaccharide, biological peptide and realize large scale production, the research and innovation ability has reached the advanced international level.

The products of Shandong Hailongyuan Bio-tech Co., Ltd. adopt the international advanced directional enzyme digestion technology, low temperature membrane separation technology, biogenic amine control technology, biological defluorination technology.See Details >>

Cutting-edge Technology

Hailongyuan has high-quality automatic production line, well-equiped laboratory and R&D center. It is a large-scale production base of molecular biotechnology products in China.See Details >>

Advanced Equipment

For a long time, Shandong Hailongyuan and Ocean University of China have established a stable cooperative relationship in the field of food science, and both sides have a solid foundation for cooperation and have obtained a series of achievements.See Details >>

Scientific Research Cooperation